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Thursday, September 06, 2007

From The State That Brought You Tom Arnold...

...comes this. Sorry, Big Boi.

U of I hopes books replace binges
Classes will shift to thwart 'Thirsty Thursdays'

From the article:

Iowa City, Ia. - The University of Iowa - where nearly 70 percent of students report binge drinking - will shift more mandatory classes to Fridays next spring to curb the "Thirsty Thursday" phenomenon in which students kick off alcohol-fueled, three-day weekends.

Looks like you may have to think twice before going to whatever the Iowa City version of Brazen Head is on Thursdays, Bad Bar.

Pete also contributed to this post.

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Who will The Rick drink with on Thursdays now?
If this Tuesday was any indication, I believe that will mostly be handled by me.
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