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Friday, September 07, 2007

The NFL is here again...

...and for those who unfortunately make the trip to the sports bar to utilize the Sunday ticket, they will get a huge kick out of this:


Be sure to read the comments. Here are a few dregs I would add:

1. The Brand New jersey bandwagon team guy. Last year it was the Chicago Bears and the goddamned Urlacher jerseys. In West O it was like they cloned portly 30 year olds and handed them the jersey.

2. The share my fantasy stats with the world guy. Like anyone really gives a fuck about how you really need 22 points out of Brandon Jacobs and Donte Stallworth in your free league, you fucking loser. Pick a team.

3. The hungover waitress who clearly didn't sleep at her own place last night. These slutbags actually provide some much needed comedy when you are definintely NOT going to be collecting from the bookie on Tuesday.

4. The-bringing my laptop to keep up with the fantasy scores and wager on the late games after seeing how the early games are going to end up-guy. Note: This may be me this year. Yikes.

You forgot about overreacting on my $20 bet guy, living and dying on every play involving his $20 bet while he drinks $4 beers on the North Side.
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