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Monday, September 10, 2007

Reason #1,538,952,241 That Life Is Unfair...

NFL.com is reporting that Mike Brown has suffered yet another season-ending injury.

While Lovie Smith will not confirm this until he has a chance to sit down with him, I am guessing it is pretty much correct.

How depressing. Pete says he is injury-prone, which is true to an extent. I personally feel like it is bad luck. I mean, yesterday's injury was more a result of being hog collared down by a man twice the size of him on a cheating cheater of a play.

But it is even more depressing when you read the post-game story from yesterday. Here are a few quotes from the Chicago Tribune:

But as Brown talked about the sprained left knee he suffered against the Chargers on Sunday, his mouth quivered. He broke down.

"We're holding out a little hope, but right now it doesn't look too good," Brown said. "It's a sprained knee right now, but it doesn't look too good. It's a shame. It hurts my feelings really bad."

Then Brown's emotions got the best of him. Teammate Charles Tillman waved the television cameras away so Brown could have his peace.

Safety Danieal Manning was choked up about it. He paused for a few minutes before talking about a player he admires.

"Mike doesn't want us to feel sorry for him," Manning said. "He can't get a break. Mike, he showed me a lot today. Just being out there, all those injuries. And even after he got injured, he still came back to the sideline and cheered us on.

"When you see Mike play, that's how you want to play football. When I go out there on the field, I want to play like him."

All I know is that he is undoubtably the leader of that defense, as displayed by playing an unbelievable game yesterday. An interception, fumble recovery, a key pass breakup, and some great tackles--he was playing like a man possessed, the most excited guy in the world to be able to be on the field. Then this happens. Just awful.

As someone who has met Mike and been around him in person, I could not possibly feel worse for a guy. He is a special player, and a special person. And this shit happens to him.

All the while, a guy who STABBED A MAN IN THE BACK--literally--not only gets to play every week, but he's one of the biggest stars in football. Unbelievable.

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He is definitely injury prone. It was a rough play he got hurt on, but not horrible. If not that play then another one in the near future.

This guy is just another Kerry Wood.
Getting horse collared is the easiest way to go down with an injury, I don't care how you feel about him being injury-prone or not. Your body is not designed to get pulled down on like that.

On a different note, how was last night for karma? Ray Lewis got hurt on the first defensive series! I found this very funny.
Ray Lewis kept playing.
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