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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hate to say we told you so...

Seems like Pelini is our man.

(And in Steven A. Smith style) HOWEVER, why is everyone saying, "Welcome home, Bo." I love the fire and intensity and piss and vinegar as much as the next fan embarrassed by the defensive effort this year, but the dude was here for less than a calendar year. I've heard Bo called a Nebraska boy. A man with roots in the program. Let me be clear that I like the idea of Bo as the head coach, but to say that one season, and one (1) game as interim head coach qualify him as the next leader of a vaunted collegiate program is Chris Bridges ludicrous.

There has to be something more. For all of the rough edges and post-game midfield sprints to confront Bill Snyder on his epic prickery, there must be something more. Tom Osborne is smarter than that. He knows what this hire means to the state, and possibly (though I'm sure he's unconcerned) his legacy. I'd love to call Bo out on his lack of head coaching experience at any level. But I'd have to throw Hastings' favorite son in that bucket as well. I'd love to say that Pelini's type of emotion no longer is in fashion, but I'd be face to face with Jim Mora, Sr. Playoffs? Nevermind. Bad example.

Turner Gill could have been the safe choice. Appease the faithful. Sombitch. You wouldn't necessarily be wrong. But would you be right?

It's 1:10 in the am and I have to open the doors to the carpet cleaners in five hours and I've had a few drinks, but the idea of Bo Big Red is growing.

This thing is a done deal.
Let's see who his assistants are before we pass judgement. TO is no one's fool. For all we know, Pelini was chosen because a deal was brokered between him and TO that brings back one or more of Nebraska's prodigal sons.
Wouldn't be too surprised about that, bleednred. Hopefully Bo takes full advantage of having one of the greatest football coaches ever hanging around--which I'm sure he will.

By the way, how awkward is the next time T.O. and Turner see each other next going to be?

TO: Oh, oh--hi, Turner.
Turner: Tom.
TO: So, um, how's New York?
Turner: Blow me.
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