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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Looking More and More Sure

The Omaha World-Herald and ESPN are reporting that Bo Pelini is the pick (just a few days after it was reported on Heavy Soul..suck it, World-Herald!).

The Lincoln Journal Star doesn't seem totally convinced yet.

Pelini and Tom Osborne don't seem to have conceded it to be true, either. I'm sure it is a 99% done deal situation we're dealing with, but something doesn't seem totally right yet, if that makes sense.

But I'm going to go ahead and say "welcome" to Bo Pelini and his family. Here's to you bringing us back to glory!

P.S.: In fairly unrelated news, apparently Les Miles is about to announce that he's actually staying at LSU, and he reportedly signed an extension sometime today. I am pretty shocked by this decision--you think he maybe had a contact at Michigan who told him that he might not get the job? So he's acting like a hero by announcing he's staying at LSU? I think that there is something to that story there...

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Just thought everybody would like to know that Gill is on the short list for the Washington St. position. Probably a good fit and obviously a lot more money than upstate New York.
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