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Friday, December 14, 2007

Lucky Going Pro?

Bo Pelini in an interview with the Lincoln Journal-Star today said that Marlon Lucky is indeed turning in pre-draft paperwork for the NFL Draft:

Pelini said he'll help Lucky submit paperwork to the NFL College Advisory Committee, a group that helps underclassmen gauge their draft status. Pelini said he'll advise Lucky during the process, but that the final decision is Lucky's.

The deadline for underclassmen to declare for the draft is Jan. 15.

Pelini's opinion?

"That's between me and him," Pelini said. "But I do know this: Unless you are a first-round draft pick, you should come back."

Good for Pelini for telling him like it is. I think this is some of the Bo Pelini honesty you always hear about that endears his players to him. I hope Marlon takes heed to his advice. We could certainly use him for one more year.

That said, I'm not surprised at all, really.

What do you think about this?

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The Browns have been known to take undersized backs with little upside who don't run very hard in the first round (William Green), so there is a shot.
Unless, Lucky is that mad about BC getting the axe, and he really doesn't want to play for Pelini why hould he do this? He has never even been able to live up to his own hype, let alone the scrutiny of the NFL. This was his best year, and he still only got somewhat close to being the type of back he was supposed to be coming out of high school. It is arguable that he is not even the best running back that nebraska has, now how does that translate into draft status?

If Lucky is indeed that unhappy staying at Nebraska (which I have no idea about) it would seem that he would be better off transfering to another school, taking a year off to train and coming back somewhere else to try and prove that he can be a legitimate runningback.

That said, I would like to see him stay at Nebraska, use the off-season to continue to improve, and come back next year better than ever.
I can't see lucky being anything other than a complimentary back in the NFL. I don't think he has developed enough for the physical demand of have 25 30 carries a game. His strength is going to be his hands and moving in an open field unfortunately he could end up like Reggie Bush if there is no work house in the back field with him.
It would seem to be in his best interest to return to NU for his senior year, although there is some risk. Maybe with improved run blocking he would do even better. I'd like to see him stay but if he doesn't we still have Castille and Helu. Castille may even be the better back!
I think we have been spoiled for a long time as husker fans with backs like Ahman Green, LP,Correll Buckhalter, etc. The kid has improved every year and this last year he rushed for 1000 with 1700 combined yards of offense. While playing for a pretty average team on offense.

With all of this said, If I was him this might be the best he does in college. Castille will probably be pushing for major playing time next under a new staff.
Let's hope Castille is even here next season...there have been rumors that he is considering transferring.
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