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Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year's Eve

In case you haven't seen the eVite, or just just didn't care to answer, we're having New Year's at Barrett's...because we cannot get enough of Barrett's.

$30 gets you in the door, and into the wonderful world of "Open Bar." All you can drink, top shelf to Busch Light, appetizers, and good times to be had by all.

If you're planning on going, please make sure to either respond to this post or the eVite. We have to get a list of people attending to Barrett's as soon as possible.

Hope to see everyone (again) Monday night!

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I'm in. I'm sure Emily is in as well.
Kourtney and I will be there. I didn't get the e-vite. Thanks a lot.
Well, it got sent to one of your e-mail accounts, so you're welcome.
I too have not seen said eVite but I am in.
the forgotten hales (Nate)

I was planning on attending a bash at the bro's house, but this sounds equally entertaining. I am down + 2
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