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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Quick Poll

If you were to give to a charity, what charity would it be? I know this seems quite random, but it will make sense soon.

I personally like JDRF (little brother) and Habitat for Humanity. What about you?

Leave it in the comments--and please do comment because...uh, well, because you'll go to hell if you don't. Seriously.



Thanks for the suggestions--I honestly thought that AmericanSnipers.org might be a joke, but it is indeed legit.

That is awesome.
Both are legitimate.

Games, candy, and books are nice for troops, but I prefer to help them stay alive so they can pine for those items.

I guess I'm funny that way.
I'd have to totally agree, my friend. I'm guessing Sgt. Hales probably would, too.
I am partial to UNICEF or the Open Door Mission. H4H works as well.
Save The Music

-El Hermano
Red Cross... blood is cheaper than money.
The AIDS Research Foundation and the American Heart Association.
make-a-wish and i have to admit that i think the Jimmy V foundation does incredible work. The fact that all their money goes directly to cancer research is phenomenal.
I like the World Wildlife Fund. And Homeboy Industries.
Kourtney says we should all donate to the United Way because it grants money to numerous charities including but not limited to youth outreach (for troubled and/or pregnant teens), big brothers big sisters, local hospice, open door mission, crisis shelters, and nationally supports many of the foundations we listed. I have to admit, it was pretty shitty of me not list the charity my fiance works hard and tirelessly for. But I've already given money to the United Way this year so fuck them (but thats just me).
Homeboy Industries is an incredible program/company. I heard the Priest that started that speak in Minneapolis on NPR, and was literally teared up when I was driving listening to it. Check it out:


That said, we are probably looking for a local charity. Open Door Mission is a great example.

Keep them coming!
CEDARS Home for Children
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