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Monday, December 03, 2007

A Very HeavySoul Christmas...

...is coming. Stay tuned for details. Just know that commercialism will not ruin our Christmas.

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Is there gonna be a sweet viral campaign involved with this, a la The Dark Knight, because that would be sweet ass.

-Tha Brotha
Dude, why would we want to get people sick? This is supposed to be a good time.

How did The Dark Knight get people sick? I think you're thinking of Batman Begins, when the Scarecrow dumped all that shit in the Gotham City water lines.

Silly Pat.
There is an excellent chance I will get sick at the party. I'll set the odds at 2-1.
I'm pretty sure Pat is referring to the ad campaign for the Christmas Party. To which I absolutely.
I agree with mayfield on this one that many people at the party will be getting sick...a bit of the brown bottle flu. Or is this case the giant metal beer receptacle flu.

Also, you can't tell me that The Dark Knight isn't going to be the balls. Seriously, look at The Joker, that shit is awesome.

-Tha Brotha
Jesus, Pete, I know. It was just jokes.

I mean, I subscribe to Wired magazine, for Chrissakes!

Anyways, look for an invite/e-vite/post about this soon. I'll be (hopefully) working on this stuff tonight.
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