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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Deadly Shooting At Von Maur - Westroads

Here's the update:

-A man using some sort of assault rifle stood on the 3rd Floor of Von Maur at Westroads in Omaha trying to kill people on the 1st and 2nd Floors.

-2 people are dead. One person dead was found on the 3rd Floor next to the Customer Service area with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. They are pretty sure that this was the gunman, however, it sounds like there may have been two gunmen. Channel 3 is reporting that someone was taken into custody, too.

-Witness reports say that there were probably 20 shots fired.

-Conflicting reports on how many injured, Channel 3 is reporting 10, Channel 6 is reporting 5. Let's hope Channel 6 is right.

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Oh my God, that is what all those cops were doing running cars off the road on Dodge?

I honest-to-God almost stopped there right before I saw those cops to do some Christmas shopping. That is frightening.
Nine dead. Two remain in critical condition. Unbelievable.
What is weird is that for a couple hours after it happened, it was being reported 2 dead. Then when there was that first police briefing, they announced 9 dead.

Typically with these kinds of situations, the media way overblows the death/injury count (like Hurricane Katrina or the VA Tech shootings). When it was four times as many people dead as everybody thought, it truly was shocking.

This is just terrible. Just terrible.
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