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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What happened to all of my favorite rappers?

Ok, so I saw an ad for Law and Order: SVU tonight. It features not one but three of my favorite rappers from the glory days. Obviously Ice T is on every week, which still weirds me out, the guy wrote "Cop Killer" for Christ's sake. Also guest starring this week are Method Man and MC Ren. The worst part is that Ren doesn't even get his name mentioned in the promo, I just saw him standing in the courtroom.

What the hell happened to Meth? That guy was larger than life when we started college. He and Redman could have done anything they wanted in the late 90's/early 00's. They let them make a movie about pot and Harvard for crying out loud. Now he's a guest star on Law and Order: SVU and Redman's sniffing MTV's jock? Next thing you know, Chuck D will be a guest star on Deal or No Deal and Ghostface will be next to David Caruso solving murders in Miami.

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Speaking of method man the new wu-tang, which is called 8 diagrams, is absolutely great
incidentally, one of my fave rappers died today: pimp c of the infamous h-town crew u.g.k.
Ghostface was on The Boondocks a couple of weeks ago and was hilarious.
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