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Saturday, December 01, 2007

What a mess

Who the hell gets into the national championship now?
Obviously you put Ohio State into the BCS championship, where they should lose to whoever else gets into that game.

But who's the national champion?

Kansas only has one loss, but they didn't win their conference championship or even their division. Georgia's #4 but they didn't win conference or division either. LSU has consistently been the media darling, they won the SEC and both losses came in 3OT. VA Tech has the feel good story going for them, they won the ACC, and that win was against a team they previously lost to. Hawaii really should be pissed off if they run the table (which is unlikely as they have to play Washington tonight and then a good team in a BCS game) and a team with two losses wins the national title. How do they have any less of a claim than the BYU team that won the title in 84?

If the presidents don't change to at least a four team playoff after this mess, it will never happen.

Forget about all of that Hawaii junk, they're losing 14-0 to Washington right now.
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