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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Who Wants To Watch Six Hours Of SportsCenter?

So this Mitchell Report is a pretty big deal, huh? SportsCenter is fixin' to jump off into SIX HOURS of SportsCenter, all to cover the much-anticipated release of the Mitchell Report.

ESPN is already reporting that Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte are steroid users. Color us completely and totally not surprised.

How else you think is on here? I heard from the Yankees alone that there were All-Stars, a Cy Young winner (Clemens), and an MVP. I wonder who the MVP is? I mean, everyone knows about Giambi, so it's not like they need to be all secretive here about it. Could it be A-Rod? I honestly doubt that, but I think what this thing is going to show us all is...you never know.

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Deadspin has a list that they cannot confirm is correct or not, but there are a few Cubbies on there. One is a giant disappointment to me, personally. The others, well, not too surprised.

Also, fuck you, Albert Pujols. You cheater.

-Mark Prior (I guess not to surprising, although I certainly was in denial about this one for a long time)
-Neifi Perez--apparently the uppers weren't enough. And holy shit, what would he have hit if he wasn't on steriods? .102?
-Sammy Sosa.
-Kyle Farnsworth. No way, really??
-Jerry Hairston
-Felix Heredia (he was a Cub, right?)
-Kerry Wood.

I am honestly surprised with Kerry, and really, really disappointed.
The Deadspin list appears to not match up with the real one. Deadspin has the real one and are comparing the two.

The real lsit is much more shocking... Matt Herges... MATT HERGES I SAID!!!!

And Erig Gagne.
My favorite on the list in terms of Heavy Soul affiliations...none other than GlenAllen Hill.

I am shocked at how good of a report that is, i never expected it to be that detailed. I have no idea what happens now but i applaud Mr. Mitchell and his investigative team.
How can you applaud this? What good is going to come from this? All it is doing is outing a small number of players who are in someway linked to performance enhancing drugs. I could create a list of just as many names without spending nearly two years investigating the situation. If I did spend that amount of time investigating, I surely could have stirred up some dirt on one of the most obvious users of them all, Albert Puljos.

That’s far from my problem of the whole thing though. Why did Bud Selig and MLB owners receive this report two days ago? How many changes did they make? Those are the questions that I wanted answered. I wanted to see in this report a list of the team doctors and trainers who recommended these substances to their players. I wanted to see a list of the managers, general managers, and owners who advised those trainers and doctors to do so. That’s the real dirt that needed to be revealed in this report.

How is any of this going to fix baseball either? Baseball can fix itself. It has been doing a pretty good job of it. New drug testing polices players who are still juicing. Is it catching 100% of them? I doubt it. It is enough though, to make a player realize that there will be stiff penalties if he is caught, unlike several years ago, when it wasn't even against the rules.

Hopefully now though, we won't have to hear any more talk of *'s. Hopefully we won't have to watch sure thing Hall of Famers like Mark McGwire get snubbed on their first ballot. Hopefully we can all just come to the agree that the last 10 years of baseball not just be known as the steroid era, but as one of the greatest era's of baseball, where we all were privileged to watch some of the greatest players ever to play the game.
Wow, Sunshine, that was pretty remarkable. I almost agree with 100% of your first two paragraphs and disagree with almost 100% of your last two. I mean that is just unbelievable.
How smart are the Orioles for ditching Tejada when they did? His name is prominently displayed right next to Bonds' on ESPN right now. Also: I hate Steve Philips and why will ESPN not get rid of this clown and why do I have to listen to Philips and Kruk go back and forth when they both were probably part of the problem 10 years ago.
Kruk stuck strictly to booze and cigarettes...and maybe the occasional pile of blow.

-Tha Brotha
I could spend all night typing against your post Sunshine, but to be honest i quit reading when you said "Baseball can fix itself." I didn't need to read anything after that.

I will say this, i do agree with you that this won't fix baseball, i'm not sure any sane person ever expected this to "fix" the game...at least i didn't. I also agree with you that the Selig and the owners should not have seen it 2 days ago, that bugs me as well. Past those 2 things, we don't agree much at all.
Pete Incaviglia and Rob Deer just texted me and told me they wanted to be included on this list. Poor sluggers.
Not on the list: Jeff Bagwell. For being such a big user you would think that just once he would be mentioned with something dealing with steriods. Until there is actual evidince of him using, Bagwell is the greatest clean player of the 90's.

And are they really going to punish players whose names were mentioned? Dear god, I hope not. Should the Astros be punished for something Tejada did with another team?
Yes, but mainly because I hate the Astros. Everyone else can go free.

-Tha Brotha
You love Rob Deer.
The Asstros should be punished for their center field and stupid uniforms for those reasons alone, let alone letting a cheater on their squad.

That said, Mr. "Jeff Bagwell can do no wrong!", since he was off the list, I assume that Sammy Sosa is totally clean in your eyes, as well?
It's not that he is off this list, it's the fact that he is off every list. The guy has never had his name involved in any steriod talks or investigations. Try and find one legit article, report, or site linking Bagwell to steriods. Good Luck.
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