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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

College Football and i-Pod's

So yesterday's BCS bowls could be best described as lackluster. The worst part is that everybody was predicting the results. USC was clearly a better team than Illinois and ditto for Georgia over Hawaii. I understand that those matchups fall into what the BCS is trying to do: combine the old school bowl matchups with the new BCS rules that require a non-BCS school to be in a BCS bowl if it is ranked 12th or higher. But can't the bowls make the matchups a little bit more legitimate? I know the Rose Bowl has historically been between the Pac 10 and the Big 10, but shouldn't they be more interested in the product they're putting on the field than the history of the bowl game? Wouldn't you have rather watched a USC-Georgia matchup and an Illinois-Hawaii game? All that really got accomplished by these games is that two schools go home humiliated and we could be looking at another year with a split national title (probably not because every two loss team looks like they should be the national champion, even Missouri...puke/cringe). The bowl games should look to making the matchups more even so that we don't have to watch boring one sided games like those that were on yesterday.

i-Pod Touch: A user's review

So Kourt got me an i-Pod touch for Christmas this year and I'm still mixed on my feelings for the new piece of technology. I love being able to download music directly to the i-Pod and being able to check the internet in any place with wi-fi. Its also pretty awesome for watching my Battlestar Galactica and South Park re-runs on widescreen.

If you want one simply for listening to music, get the classic i-Pod. The Touch is only available in 8 and 16 gig models, which would be alright if you didn't have over 40 gigs of music, tv shows, and movies. The Touch also gets to be a pain in the ass when you're sorting through trying to find stuff. You're finger will accidently go a little too far and you'll be listening to that Teddy Bears album you downloaded when you were drunk two years ago and then its an additional pain to back to what you really wanted to listen to.

I'm sure half of the problems will sort themselves out as I get more aclimated to the Touch's functionality. The lack of hard drive space will probably be resolved in the next generation of the Touch (sucks to be me). Overall I would give the i-Pod Touch a four out of five.

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Isn't there a health risk associated with The Touch?

"WARNING: The surgeon general has deemed that 24/7 access to Battlestar could be hazardous to Joe's health, career and marital status."

In other words, he'd be a frakking sloth.
How has no one made fun of Battlestar Galactica and the Teddy Bears yet?

Does no one read this blog anymore all of a sudden?
Oh, don't you be blaspheming the 'Star... Oh no you didn't!
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