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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Drunk In Omaha: Your Sunday Night Links

I thought we could start out the Sunday Night Links with a revisit of one of our most-discussed topics: "Omaha has to be one of the drunkest cities in America, right?" Well, it has finally been answered in a quantifiable manner. And the result?

Yes. Yes it certainly is.

Currently on Men's Health website, they compiled all sorts of data and came up with "America's Drunkest Cities." Here are the Top Ten (er, I guess it could be "Bottom Ten" depending on your outlook):

1. Denver, CO, Overall Score: 100
2. Anchorage, AK, 99
3. Colorado Springs, CO, 98
4. Omaha, NE, 97
5. Fargo, ND, 96
6. San Antonio, TX, 95
7. Austin, TX, 94
8. Fresno, CA, 93
9. Lubbock, TX, 92
10. Milwaukee, WI, 91

Lewis Black once said that Milwaukee is the "drunkest city on the planet." Well not this year, Milwaukee! O! what a city! Other notables:

-Lincoln, NE, 56 (with a 95 rating in binge drinking--shocker).
-Des Moines, IA, 54
-Chicago, IL, 62
-Kansas City, MO, 33

There are also other lists like this one on the MH website, including one called "Is Your City A Debt Trap?" Apparently Lincoln is the 6th-most fiscally-responsible city in America, with the least credit card debt in America and the lowest debt-to-limit ratio in America.

How is this possible? I know, like, 5 people who left Lincoln debt-free. I suppose that they only count permanent residents in this, but then again, I don't think Lincoln would have a 95 on the binge-drinking scale if that were the case.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, would you like to guess what city is the highest? Total shocker: Las Vegas. (Of course we want casinos legalized in Nebraska! They'd be great for the economy!)

On to the links....

--A nice story about Daytrotter, a music studio in the Quad Cities (Rock Island, IL specifically) that is more and more becoming a must-stop for touring musicians to stop by and drop a few tracks. Plus, the story mentions Omaha. It's pretty clear that the Tribune was simply trying to get linked to Heavy Soul to drive up traffic! Well, it worked, Tribune. Now go sell the Cubs to someone who will give a shit, please.

--For myself, this year's Super Bowl is the "well, at least I get to drink beer and make kick-ass chili on a Sunday Bowl." I certainly don't like either team, but they have their redeeming qualities: The Giants road unis are probably a top-3 uni in all of sports; The Pats will hopefully forever banish the 1972 Dolphins and their incredibly overrated coach from studio shows' discussion when some team goes 7-0 to start the season.

However, I came across this story from the Boston Herald via Awful Announcing. Some highlights:

Likewise, 72 percent of Pats fans live in homes worth north of $200,000, compared to 63 percent of Giants yahoos, the Nielsen data show.

Pats fans consistently show better taste than their Gotham counterparts, according to Nielsen.

We drink Amstel Light, not Bud Light. Giants fans slug back lots of whiskey.

We are likely to read connoisseur magazines like Wine Spectator. Gotham fans like to pig out on junk food like pretzels, chips and nuts. They’re also less likely to favor organic food than other New Yorkers.

Giants tailgaters are conspicuous consumers who party off the backs of Land Rovers and showy BMW SUVs. Pats fans are more likely to tailgate off the back of an understated Lexus or a sturdy Volvo SUV.

Holy shit. I don't even know where to go with this this. Basically, Ms. Heslam says of not just Giants' fans, but of everyone:

"Unless you're rich, you drink really overrated beer, read Wine fucking Spectator, only eat organic foods, and drive a Volvo, you're a shitty person. And a loser." Also, and just for the record--here are the prices for 2008 models of the vehicles she mentioned:

Land Rover LR2: $36,819
BMW X3: $41,917
Lexus GX: $47,580 (and P.S., the most expensive Lexus was a lot more expensive than the most pricey Land Rover)
Volvo XC90: $48,132

Understated indeed. I hope $48k will buy you a "sturdy" car.

What a bitch.

-Will Lietch (editor of Deadspin) released a book this week called "God Save The Fan: really long rest of the title." I'm reviewing it for The Reader as we speak. 80 pages or so into it: I give it a really solid "A." It is formatted just like a Klosterman book, and is consistently really funny/thought-provoking. I'd highly recommend it.

-Speaking of Klosterman, he apparently whipped up a eTicket entry about the Patriots and how "perfect" they are for ESPN. It is typical Klosterman, where he takes something he likes and explains the reasons for doing so, then ends the column hoping for the worst outcome for them. I love me some Chuck Klosterman, I really do.

-Here's an article basically saying that the hiring of Tim Beck to Nebraska's staff has saved recruiting in 2008. Three new committs this weekend!

-In further Bo Pelini hiring hoopla, Sipple has a nice column about the sometimes forgotten aspect of Bo's career: he's coached in some big damned games, and has kicked ass while doing so. I really think we might have lucked out here, fellow Husker fans.

-A very good interview with Spin's "Entertainer of the Year," Kanye West.

-Here's your libertarian highlight of the week: Dr. Ron Paul on foreign entanglements: "The Ties That Strangle." The essay summary is "Our founding fathers knew a better way to talk with our neighbors, do honest business with them, cultivate friendship, allow travel and open communication. We should neither initiate violence, nor take sides in conflicts that are none of our business." Just common sense platforms in the vein of our Founding Fathers. Join the revolution!

That's all I've got in me for tonight. I might try to find some more tomorrow morning. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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