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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Holy shit! Finally.

At least some good is coming out of this craptastic Seattle/Redskins game.

The goodness is the return of the 99 cent double stack at Wendy's. This was a key component of lunch for most of my adolescence, and I welcome its return with open arms.

(Cue "Wind Beneath By My Wings)

As I sit here with Hales, Mayfield, and The Brotha, a miniature party broke out filled with jubilant reminiscing about this magical, and economical, cheeseburger.

So welcome back Double Stack, from Heavy Soul.

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The double stack was reason #3 why I gained eighty pounds in college. (the first two were booze and the taco bell sancho which was a giant soft shell taco that I could only find at the t-bell on 27th and Cornhusker in Lincoln). I still remember the day I went into Wendy's and they explained that they had discontinued it. I think I might have comme off like Chris Farley in the "Lay off me I'm starving" skit. I too would like to salute Wendy's for bringing back the double stack. Too bad for them that I can't consume three or more at a time like I used to.
I think Gage and i ate about 8 double stacks a week during our first couple years of college. I specifically remember we were together in the O Street drive through when that lady on the other side of the mic told us the double stack had went away, that was a sad day.
Pete, once again you are in my culinary wheelhouse.

I all too sadly recall the day I pulled into the drive thru at the 14/Q St. Wendys in Lincoln, only to be told that the double-stack w/cheese was no more...

Devasted. No other word for it. I was devasted.
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