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Friday, January 25, 2008

I had to get this out there...

Went and had beers at the thunderwood with Toffer tonight. What happened is a first, and completely unreal. We were at a table talking about the Cubs line up for this season, and drinking in high school, when not once but twice we were appraoched by females, (granted both blown completely out the frame),asking if we were gay and on a date!!! The second claimed that her assumption we were gay was based on us being "pretty". Am I living in a world where you want to go out and have a few beers with a friend means that you are on a date? I would like to think that if both of us were saddled up at the bar, and not at a table, no one would have payed any mind. I have no problem with any sexual preference because who am I to question happiness. That said, the balls on people who come up to your face to ask some shit like that. What f-ing audacity!!! Any thoughts on this matter blogging America?

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Know how I can tell you're gay? You're sharing drinks at a hightop table with another man... and the drinks are Cosmopolitans.
Interesting. A few observations:

1. I cannot imagine that The Underwood is a hot place for gay men to go on dates at. I just can't.

2. You're considered "pretty?"

3. It is interesting that sitting at a table brought along these comments as opposed to bellying up to the bar, as we did Wednesday, hales. I mean, I'm pretty, too.

(On second thought, uh, I'm not pretty. So probably not surprising.)

4. While my first reaction was laughter at how silly of a story that is, I have to agree with you about your point of "What f-ing audacity!"

Like you said, who cares if somebody is indeed out on a date and they're gay. But that is just obnoxious to walk up to two people you have never met in your life and ask you if you're gay and if you're on a date. How is that their flipping business?

I seriously hate girls like that, with the "OMG, I, like, think it's totally cute that there are two gay guys over there--well, I guess they might be gay--I'm going to go interrupt them right now and tell them that it's cool they're on a date!"

Girls like that are fucking obnoxious. Go sit your fat ass back down at your table and leave the world alone.

It is just such boorish behavior.
One question: Were either of you wearing macreme short-shorts?

(Know how I can tell I'm NOT gay? I can't spell macreme)
I always looked at you as "Department of Corrections" pretty, Hales. Not "On a date with another man" pretty. Oh hell I guess they are the same thing.
Do you listen to Coldplay?
...because your gay, so you know who other gay people are.
Thoughts: You are gay, and most of the guys on this message board are commenting on it, because they are gay too. Synopsis: You are all gay.
Sadly for you, friend, 'tis not a message board.

Rather it is a "blog," or short for "weblog."

I guess that makes YOU gay for not knowing the difference between a message board and a blog.
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