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Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Been A While...

...since we've had some good ESPN hatin' around here. I don't have anything new to add, but columnist Jason Whitlock--who I'm a big fan of anyway--does:

5. The best thing about ESPN host Dana Jacobson's meltdown at the Mike and Mike roast is that it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that women can be just as publicly stupid and vulgar as men.

Jacobson, in a drunken attempt at humor, F-bombed Notre Dame and Jesus. ESPN suspended the "First Take" host for a week. You drop a woman in ESPN's locker-room environment and "surprisingly" she acts just like Sean Salisbury and everyone else. Personally I like Salisbury. The trouble he got into at ESPN for showing off his manhood reminded me of my college playing days when everyone would rush to get naked when the cleaning lady ran late tidying our locker room.

The second-best thing about Jacobson's rant is that it drew attention to the lame Mike and Mike roast. ESPN desperately wants you to believe Greenberg and Golic are big stars. They're not. If they were, they wouldn't have an F-list celebrity/assclown like Jacobson roasting them.

The next time Greenberg or Golic say something insightful or provocative will be the first time.

Well, that about sums it up. I'm just glad we're not the only ones who notice this shit.

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Wasn't the Mike & Mike roast put on as a fund raiser for the Jimmy V foundation??? I'm not 100% sure on that but if it was i think you are being a little harsh.
I do agree that Notre Dame sucks balls. Charlie Weis can eat a meat twinke.
It was a fund raiser for Jimmy V Foundation. However, Whitlock did hit the nail on the head about their show lacking insight.
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