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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The NBA: Where The Jazz Are Enjoyable To Watch Happens (?????)

Yeah, you read that right. I'm watching the Suns at Jazz right now, and it's true: the Jazz are fun to watch.

*ducks for lightning surly to strike at any moment*

I mean, I think there were 3 out of 5 times down the floor that alley oops occurred, and two of them were by Utah.

I've been preaching it the past few months, kids--the NBA is fun to watch again. If you can sit down and watch a game that Utah is part of, and you ACTUALLY ENJOY WHAT YOU'RE SEEING, you've got to feel pretty good about the state of the Association.

Also--and this has been said enough by various media types that it is basically trendy to say this now--but the TNT studio show is as good of TV is there is around these days period (let alone with the writer's strike going on). It is so damned good, and Barkley is so funny it is unbelievable. Every show he does a tie-in with those T-Mobile commercials with D. Wade concerning a team that they're covering that night. Tonight, they did a live "look in" of the Kings/Grizzlies game (to which he said "if you love baaaad basketball, this game is for you"), and he did his "Fave 5 Sacramento Kings," and the list was:

Chris Webber
Vlade Divac
Mitch Richmond
Reggie Theus
Doug Christie's Wife

I love Charles Barkley.

There's still room on the bandwagon, boys! Hop on!

(By the way, 1993 Michael Jordan could appear via a time machine in a Utah Jazz jersey and I would still hate the Jazz. Just wanted to be clear that I am not advocating people become Jazz fans here--rather, I'm pointing out how incredible an occurrence this is. It doesn't mean I'm happy about it.)

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