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Monday, January 14, 2008

Should They Really Be Surprised?

Apparently Joke Noah has been suspended two games...BY HIS TEAMMATES.

"I understand frustrations with coaches," Ben Wallace said. "But you can never take it to that level where you overstep the coach-player relationship and talk to a grown man like that. I might not like you as a coach, but I have to respect you as a man.

"We have to be responsible for each other. We're together all the time. We feel we're becoming a close-knit group and a family-type atmosphere. It's up to us to hold everybody accountable for his own actions."

He apparently lit into an assistant pretty good at practice. Also, he apparently is late to everything. Oh, and he is also reportedly a douche bag. Actually, that's not reportedly, that's just fact from watching his ridiculous ass for 4 years in the SEC.

This pick is becoming more insane by the second. I think everyone thought John Paxson should've traded down and gotten a lot more value as this draft was not real solid after the first 5 picks. I think that everyone was right. I cannot think of one person who thought this was a good move. I was hoping that I (and everyone in Chicago) had Noah wrong, and he would be a big part of a push for the Eastern Conference Title this year.

Yeah...not so much the case, apparently. Ugg.

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