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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


On a slow night watching a dreadful football game (uh, hey Hawai'i--you guys know that you're supposed to be playing right now, don't you? Feel free to participate...) recovering from a pretty rough night (thanks everybody for coming), I happened upon this idea on The Hold Steady's message board:

Everyone take their iPods and hit shuffle, and post the first 10 tracks that come up. Explain each track if you want (any kind of significance, funny story that goes along with it, etc.). Here we go:

1. "Watermelon," Todd Barry. A funny bit about a guy wearing a Yarmulke...that looks like a slice of watermelon. Funny.

2. "The New Kid (Live)," The Old 97's. I've never understood how a band that can at times kick so much ass come right back and suck the ass they kicked right back.

3. "Commonplace Streets," The Jayhawks.

4. "Keys To Your Love," The Rolling Stones.

5. "Real N**** Quotes," Common.

6. "Beale Street Blues," W.C. Handy

7. "Go It Alone," Beck

8. "Dear Mr. Man," Prince

9. "City on Fire," Big Head Todd and the Monsters

10. "Everything is Fair," A Tribe Called Quest

Not a bad list, although it is filled with songs of no real importance or significance, personally.

And I feel like, now that I'm thinking about it, we've done this before. If so, sorry for being repetitive.

UPDATE: OK, I'm doing it again, because I'm bored.

1. "Hold Steady Podcast," The Hold Steady (Craig Finn). This is awesome. Search for it on iTunes or on THS' website. It's free.

2. "Waste (Live)," Phish. I squarely blame npgage and his hard drive for Phish to always invade my shuffle.

3. "I Want You (She's So Heavy)," The Beatles.

4. "Paradise," Sade. It's my wife's, I swear!

5. "Lord Anthony," Belle & Sebastian. It's my wife's, I swear! (Just kidding, they can be pretty good, but boy, are they wussy!).

6. "Maybe I'm A Leo," Gov't Mule.

7. "Figaro," Madvillian.

8. "Black River," Amos Lee.

9. "No Blue Sky," The Thorns (or as pete and I like to say, "Matthew Sweet and those other guys.")

10. "Steam Engine," My Morning Jacket.

One more? OK!

1. "Complexity," The Roots. GREAT tune. Classic album.

2. "Lift Her Pull Her," Atmosphere.

3. "Soul Food," Goodie Mob. This literally is my wife's. It is weird how much girls from Westside love the Goodie Mob.

4. "The Good Times Are Killing Me," Modest Mouse.

5. "Perfect Timing," Mos Def.

6. "Greatest Love," Musiq.

7. "Walls Of The Cave," Phish. (goddamn it, npgage!)

8. "Pot Kettle Black," Wilco.

9. "Bones," Radiohead.

10. "E=MC2 (ft. Common)," J Dilla

OK, I'm tired of typing. Good night.

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