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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sounds Like Lucky Is Sticking Around...

**UPDATE** NU Sports Information released this statement from Marlon Lucky:

“I am excited to return to Nebraska for my senior season and play for Coach Pelini. I know he is committed to winning and returning this program to the elite of college football, and I want to be here to help out with that.

“Another year here will also allow me to continue to pursue my college degree and enjoy the experience of playing football at Nebraska. I also know that another year can only benefit me as a player and help me become a more complete back to prepare for the next level.”

It was reported on Huskers Illustrated last night that "new" commit Collins Okafor mentioned yesterday after he re-committed that Marlon Lucky was his host last weekend, and that Lucky said he is sticking around for his senior year. It was also reported that he was at the team meeting Sunday night, and is enrolled as a full-time student at NU.

I think this is a very smart move. I think he finally showed the last half of the season that he can be a really good running back, and sticking around this season is only going to help him--particularly with all the running backs in the draft this year.

So, one more weapon that will still be around in 2008. I know I'm Mr. Sunshine a lot, but I swear that Nebraska is going to be really good next year. I already can't wait.

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