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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Night Links

I wanted to link up where you can get a new Wilco podcast--video taken from their latest appearance on Austin City Limits--and then I thought "hey, we could copy many other columns and blogs and do a weekly links post!" So let's try it out.

--Like I mentioned above, a new Wilco podcast is up. Get it. In fact, get all of them, because they are among the best free content you can find on the internets anywhere.

--Keeping on the podcasting theme, check out The Liberators. These guys are two very successful guys who really believe in the libertarian philosophy, plus it is as snarky and funny political talk show as you'll find. And while looking at their homepage may look like it is some crazy conservative page, because of the pictures and descriptions of the podcasts. Don't be fooled, though--they are equal-opportunity haters, referring to the Republican and Democrat parties as "The War Party" or "Republocrats." Good stuff. I'll go ahead and link this episode in particular, as they talk in-depth about the Rosenblatt vs. new stadium issue where they frequently reference a "Mike from Omaha." I wonder who that is?

--Golden Globe winners. It's all bullshit, because if The Wire isn't nominated for best TV Drama, these people have no sense of what's good anyways, does it?

--An article about how the Husker football coaches offices are arranged. Yes, I realize how ridiculous this is. Only in Nebraska...

--Speaking of the Huskers, it seems like Dave Rimington isn't doing much to quiet speculation that he may be the guy to take over for T.O. in two years, is he?

--OK, last thing on the Huskers: here is a list of prospects that were in Lincoln this weekend from the Journal-Star's "Life In The Red" blog. I personally think it is a really good blog, particularly for a newspaper--they let a lot of good bits of info sneak through there, and I think were clearly the leaders in covering the Husker coaching search. Apparently it doesn't hurt newspapers to embrace the internet (*ahem,* Omaha World-Herald, *ahem.*).

--On the political front, (Brother) Jon Bruning apparently is going to be state GOP chair for Mike Huckabee. Politics will make a guy do just about anything, regardless of what he actually believes, won't they? I'm really surprised by this one.

**Off the subject, I'm watching the "Nebraska Football Show." I do NOT think this is coincidental. Coach Bo and T.O. aren't screwing around when they say that they're going to make this about "Nebraska" again, are they?

--More sports: I kind of enjoy Darren Rovell's sports business site on CNBC. He seems pretty arrogant and cocky on TV, but whatever. Sports business is for true business and sports dorks, and that is good for me.

--The Sporting News' blog site has been getting a lot of ink lately, and I think for good reason. It seems to be really solid.

--So this Cloverfield movie is apparently pretty good. I'm guessing this write-up is probably correct.

--This is pretty cool--a graphic, um, graph of the history of the Wu-Tang Clan.

--Whoa, this is pretty cool: an "audio slideshow" (what in the fuck does that even mean?) from the NY Times about Nebraskan Polka.

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