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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Two nights at Barrett’s

Here are a few pictures from two hard drinking nights at Barrett's. I am pretty sure this first photo was taken fairly early in the evening. I only say that due to the fact that you can almost see the MIB's eyes.

Crowd Shot

The before . . .look at the gangs confidence prior to going to battle

And after . . . Editors Note – Approximately two hours after this photo was taken, yours truly decided to relieve himself in the misses’ laundry basket. . .Merry Christmas, and I am told you always hurt the ones you love.

Here is one of the attempted tight roll come back. Gage I can not thank you enough for the socks and tie

Now on to New Years Eve

I pretty sure that we can all agree that Mayfield Sucks

There were a number of pictures to which I thought were A) couple shots or B) not suitable for the internets given the persons occupation, so if you would like to see some more, send me a email, and I will have the talented better half get you hooked up.

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