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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Adolph Rupp...

Just rolled over in his grave. Could we get some Wildcat commentary from an expert? The UK just made Vandy look like Kansas taking it to Nebraska.


Glad you could dust off your posting gloves to be a fucking douche bag.

It was a bad game where Vandy couldn't miss and Kentucky couldn't hit a layup, and it snowballed. It happens.

And as soon as Nebraska simply wins one game in the NCAA tournament, we can discuss them in the same post as Kentucky.

And you're going to be eating your stupid fucking words when Billy Gillispie is hanging Final Four banners down the road. To compare him to Bill Callahan is fucking ridiculous.

So again, go fuck yourself, you smug fuck.
The old Wildcat button once again pushed to success!

Gillispie is a great coach, growing pains suck.
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