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Sunday, February 17, 2008

The BEAS @ The BOB...

So as it stands, EZ-T and myself are the primary supporters of Husker Basketball on this blog. That's fine. We understand. It's been a typical year thus far for our team, not to mention how difficult it is to be a fan, watching this undermatched team squander leads and choke away games they could win.

However, this Wednesday, everyone has a valid reason to come see the Huskers...The man who will most likely be selected #1 in the 2008 NBA draft, Michael Beasley, and the Purple D-Bags from KSU(cks) are coming to town. If you haven't seen this guy play yet, you're missing out. How often does the #1 pick come to your gym? Rarely.

So mark it on your calendar, 2/20/08, 8:00 PM, Bob Devaney Sports Center. If you don't have tickets, you can find plenty walking up, or at the ticket office. Watching this tremendous young talent play is worth more than face value, not to mention the added bonus of seeing whatever CLown suit KSU coach Frank Martin decides to fashion.

Wear Red, cheer hard for the Skers, and enjoy the Michael Beasley show. With your help, we can send him home a loser!!!

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