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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Good Times Maybe Killing Me

Gentleman March 20 – April 10 maybe turn out to be my finest 21 days of sports, and I am sorry I need to share my story. The timeline first.

March 20th and 22nd At the Quest Center Omaha for the opening two rounds of March Madness.

March 24th to 27th Tempe Arizona for a day of meetings and two days of baseball (this trip has not been officially scheduled but there is a 75% chance)

March 31st Barrett’s Opening Day and $700.00 bar tabs.

April 10th I will be attending the opening round of The Masters in a Corporate Suite on Amen Corner.
** Bonus event not counted in the 21 day run Spring Game 2008 when Passion Comes back to Memorial Stadium.

I really do not have much more to say other than I am glowing just looking at my calendar, and I have tomorrow off to recover from the black out drunk I get while watching Gaelic Storm at The Slowdown. If anyone wants to go to the show tonight, myself and other degenerate Irishmen are renting a drunk bus as transportation for this evening.

Jesus, it sounds like you won an ESPN prize package or something.
I hate you for getting to go to the Masters. That's the hardest ticket to get in the history of the world.
I've told you to your face but all the Internets should know: you are an asshole.
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