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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Heavy Soul Opening Day 2008: It's SpecTABular

OC eluded to it below, but here's the official notice:

WHO: Baseball fans of Omaha

WHEN: March 31st

TIME: 1:00 pm - ???

WHERE: Barrett's Barleycorn, 4322 Leavenworth

WHY?: Because we need participants to help break 2006's tab record of over $700. And because baseball kicks ass--you miss it, we miss it, everybody misses it. And it's a maniday (that's a "man holiday" if you don't know).

We've got the basement of Barrett's rented out. Tiger's got a bunch of coolers that will be full of bottles and ice. Apps. Phillies. Darts. The whole she-bang-a-bang. Not to mention limited-edition Heavy Soul t-shirts (design to come in the next week or two, but they will be team-specific).

So let your bosses know that you're going to need a half day on that Monday, and a full day on Tuesday.

See you then!

-GA Hill and Pete

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I will be there at 11
Even though I co-wrote the post I felt I should comment.

This will be the biggest and best year ever, so not being there is not an option. I really feel like the tab could clear a grand this year.
I'm a tentative yes. If I can make it back, it probably won't be until about 5 - 5:30.
There's a good chance I can make it back. I am going to look into it.
Napa! Nice!

Deuce, you better just plan on being there at 1.

Also, more details will be following. Pete and I are working on some ideas to make it even better than before.

Make it happen brother.
Thanks for posting this, was exactly what I was looking for, thanks.
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