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Saturday, February 09, 2008

HeavySoul endorses...

...Barack Obama in the 2008 Nebraska Democratic Caucus. Well, at least I do. Happy caucusing, everyone.

In a choice between two aspiring socialists (Hil and Obama), at least Obama seems to be a good person. I take that back- they really aren't aspiring socialists, they are indeed socialists.
All the Obama fans can look forward to the follwing in 2009- higher taxes, greater government intrusion on our lives, open boarders and a hasty withdrawal from Iraq. This is probably news to most of them (not you Pete, as I know you are well informed on the issues), since they are more concerned with his charisma and great public speaking. The fact remains that his positions are frightening to anyone who values captitalism and national security. Maybe he can implement a monthly "economic stimulus" package so that everyone can have the same amount of money, same car, same size house, etc. I realize that it was a bi-partisan bill, but make no mistake that this is the type of bill that makes the likes of Obama giddy.
Just to clarify, my criticism of the Democratic party was not meant to be mean-spirited; it's just that my vision of America is in another area code from what Hil and Obama present. This is not to suggest that my candidate (Romney) was infallible or perfect. I realize that "Mitt Version 2008" differed from previous "versions", but he at least presented viewpoints that I could support. To make a long story short, the Republican party has gift wrapped this thing by nominating McCain (much like the Dems did in 2004 with Kerry). The only way I can see them potentially losing is if they nominate Hil, as this will bring every conservative and backwoods chauvenist to the polls for McCain. That being said, I'm not convinced that it would be enough to defeat her-God help us.
Heavy Soul does not in any way endorse Obama or anyone else.

I just want to be abundantly clear on this.

(If Heavy Soul were to endorse someone, it would be Dr. Ron Paul.)
If Heavy Soul were to endorse Dr. Ron Paul, I would be alright with that.
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