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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Not sure if it's official yet but...

...I heard that Greg Sharpe is the new play-by-play guy officially.

Update: it's on this blog that is read more than ours. Must be true.

I caught his broadcast last year of the Colorado game and it was decent. Actually better than decent, probably a solid 8.5. In a spirit of kindness, I offer these words of advice from HeavySoul.

1. Study your seed corn brands.
2. Learn everything there is to know about Dorothy Lynch (good advice for anyone).
3. Don't ever fucking say, "Hotter than a Two-Dollar Pistol."
4. Turn down a chance to show you're completely insane every drivetime on KFAB.
5. Save raising your voice for plays that are actually important (3 yard handoffs: not important).
6. Listen to The Kansas City Chiefs broadcast (even though I think I like you, those guys are the best and it can only help).
7. A little homering is okay, but basically just tell us what the hell is actually happening, not what you think we want to be happening.
8. Time, down, distance, score.

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That is some great advice, pete. I hope Greg listens.

I think he's going to be great.
The guy is a true professional. He'll be a stud in the box. We're lucky to have him full time.
The only thing I felt left out was a "multiple sites" comparison, besides that I'm loving every word!
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