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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Rest of the Story

I saw this on the Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight. One of those things where you're kind of paying attention, kind of not, then you hear something and it seems too shocking to be true.

This happened, so I called Hales, the only other loyal Countdown watcher I know (although you all should be). He didn't happen to be watching, so I searched the Internets and found it in a matter of seconds.


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That is absolutely amazing. The fact Paul Harvey was not strung up in a town square is nothing short of unreal given the time period! On another note Pete is right if you watch Countdown this type of shit happens all the time. I have no clue who the research team is there at MSNBC but they never cease to pull some shit like this. Everyone do yourself a favor and tune in!!!
I've started watching recently. Count me as a supporter.
*meh* on Countdown.

But two enthusiastic thumbs up on this story. Holy cow.
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