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Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring is here

well sort of...

Today is the opening day for Husker baseball. Doubleheader today at Stanford with single games tomorrow and Sunday, a split would be a great start...but frankily I'm thinking we only get 1. Expectations are low this year for the first time entering a season since probably about 1998. This will be the most inexperienced team Anderson has ever had, we'll see what happens.

Here's the starting pitchers for the weekend: Thad Weber, GI Johnny Dorn, Dan Jennings, and an Arizona State transfer that i would have to look up to know how to spell. Excited yet???? Pitching is a very large unknown.

Offense is a little better and little more experienced. We will have more speed this year but not a lot of pop. Craig Corriston will move from 3rd to 1st this year but has to sit out the first 6 games of the year for the whole Scheel's incident, i look for him to have a big year. Opitz, Mort, and Tezak all return in the infield as well and Abeita is back behind the plate. DJ Belfonte (probably our best player) will be back in the outfield and in the leadoff spot. Bryce Nimmo is also back in center.

That's a brief run down but expectations are definitely lower this year...on the bright side this years radio package includes EVERY game for the first time ever. Just making the NCAA tourney would be a good accomplishment for this years team.

Let the tailgating begin....

Any chance Coach A. gets canned if this year's team goes 20 games under .500 and he has several on the field explosions / ejections?
My personal opinion is that he has 2 years left. As long as we see some development and finish in the middle of the Big XII i think he will easily get another year, but he will be firmly on the hot seat next year in my opinion. There were a noticeable amount of grumbling season ticket holders last year and the pressure on MA is definately building.

Personally i think he needs one more year at least after this year, mostly to see if the new pitching coach can turn out to be the next coming of Rob Childress.
I agree with EZT on Coach A. He will definitely be feeling it next year without some marked improvement. I feel like it is deserved, things have gone noticeably downhill since Childress left, no one can argue that.

What really concerns me, though, is the lack of offensive talent other than Belfonte. In the glory days we put together a pretty stout lineup. Last year we hit fewer homers than Craig Counsell.

We absolutely need to make the NCAAs this year, although it is defintely no given with ths crew. That's ridiculous given our tradition and ballpark. We should be able to pencil that in, at a minimum, every year and I don't find anything less than that acceptable.
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