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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Suns Trade For Shaq, Because That Makes Sense

Can someone explain this to me? Why in the hell is Steve Kerr trading for Shaq?

This deal makes no sense on almost every level. The Suns run and gun. They play fast, run high pick and rolls, and space out the floor so they can fire away from 3-Point land.

Nowhere does "he may be 36, but looks 50" Shaquille O'Neil fit into this scheme.

Then you look at the money. You're trading Shawn Marion (and Marcus Banks to even out the salaries). Marion makes, I believe, about $2.5M less than Shaq. He can opt out next year. And if you believe all the press accounts, Marion probably would opt out because he's not really happy in Phoenix. So that gives the Suns $17.5M in cap room next year.

Instead, they trade him for Shaq, who is guaranteed $20M--for two more seasons! He'll be 38, and if the way he is playing now is any indication, he should be a great guy to put in at the end of games to foul...that is, if he is allowed to grab the guy who is going to inbound before he takes the ball out, and this involves not moving any body part below his waist.

The only possible level I can imagine this being a good deal for the Suns is the one thing that Phoenix guy doesn't want to hear...and that's money. Yes, Shaq is being paid WAAAAAAYYYYYY too much. However, I'm sure the residuals that come along with him being on your squad trump that. And if that is it--which I am sure is about the only reason--that is pretty sad.

But don't just feel bad for the Phoenix fan--feel bad for anyone who enjoys watching the NBA. Because arguably the most exciting team to watch just got shitty.

Steve Kerr, I've always thought you're a really smart guy. I hope that you still are, and have something good up your sleeve.

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This deal is a head scratcher. But I can guarantee that Nash will not be taking the same kind of punishment he did during last years playoffs. No one is crazy enough to knee one of Shaq's teammates in the nuts.
Maybe Kerr is bringing him in as a trainer after the amazing transformations seen on Shaq's Big Challenge. That show was HILARIOUS!! Fat kids trying to exercise and ultimately breaking down in tears, does television get any better?
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