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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday: A Haiku Retrospective

In liue of my close watching of "Super Tuesday", I have created many Haiku to relate my feelings. Combining two things I love, the Haiku, and ridiculous politcal banter. Let us start.

Super tuesday fun
Too much MSNBC
I love Olbermann

Montana loves Ron
GA move to Montana
Revolution starts

Romney is scary
Not a real human being
Huckabee as bad

Feel free to create your own.

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Those are awesome. And maybe I can join one of them militias to jump start things.

I'll give it a shot.

Obama wants change
Does anyone know what it is
Not sure even he does


Hillary is cranky
Wants universal health cover
How is this paid for


It is paid for by
Robbing Americans by force
Does not trust you no

(OK, the real answer is that she does not trust you to make decisions for yourself, and only the government knows how you should run your life. That just didn't work in Haiku form.)
Hillary gives speech
Sound system not set up right
She sounds like Bitchbot

Montana loves Paul
Revolution stalls elsewhere
Bite me Mitt, McCain

Obama coming
At Civic at closing time
Damn hippies in road

McCain, Obama
Hillary, Mitt, Huckabee
Fuck. Must build bunker
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