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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What a great day today is

For multiple reasons....

#1) it's the first game in the greatest rivalry in sports. National hate the Tar Holers day!!! That's right folks UNC/Duke at the Dean Dome is tonight, it also marks the return of Dick Vitale to the mic. I have to admit i almost have missed him, looking forward to his ramblings for the first time possibly ever.
-this game is going to be great, i didn't think Duke stood a chance on the road but with Ty Lawson probably not playing i all of a sudden think a win is possible. I have no idea how Duke will hold Hansborough under 30 but hopefully they can contain everyone else. I still say UNC wins by 8, but damn this is going to be fun......tune in.

#2) it's national drool all over an 18 year old day. That's right boys and girls it's signing day. Today will be fun at work constantly checking rivals to see who all is signed in ink and to see if there are any surprise additions/deletions.

Enjoy the day boys and girls

God damn it, EZT, no one cares about Duke/UNC except you and ESPN. It is not the greatest rivalry in sports. Stop it.

And UNC wins by more than 8.

Oh, and you might literally be the only person in America that is looking forward to Vitale coming back. I mean, I don't even think that you have ESPN's support on this one.

Go Huskers.
Thank you EZT for the update. I kind of forgot about college basketball mainly do to the lack of UK post this year. Apparently my March Madness tickets were delivered last week, so I have some time to catch up.
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