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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Breaking News: Callahan Was Not A Great Teacher

Interesting--albeit not surprising--article in the World-Herald today (and we can actually link to it!):

Practices under Bill Callahan were way too complicated and no one really taught anyone anything.

Stunning, I know. But I do believe that this kind of article is going to be the norm as the players get used to "the good life" with Bo Pelini and staff. Some excerpts:

The most infuriating:

"Coaches weren't really in teaching mode," safety Larry Asante said.

So whoever understood the information, Asante said, "that's the guy who played."

"There were guys out there lost."...

The problem, Swift said, wasn't so much the volume of material, but how coaches waited until film-room sessions to point out mistakes and answer questions from the previous night's practice.

"You had to watch film (of practice) and kind of correct while you were watching," Swift said. "With the younger guys learning the system, I think it's definitely helpful to correct them right on the spot."

And on and on.

Again, this is not too surprising. But I do believe that the philosophy of Coach Pelini and staff of "well if they don't get it, we do it again tomorrow," rather than "whoever gets it plays, and whoever doesn't get it we'll address in a meeting room, and assume it will sink in that way."

Yeah...because as everyone knows, the only way to get better at a task is to watch film and read about it rather than practice it.

Welcome, Spring practice starting today with a new staff! I sincerely believe it is going to be a totally different team and year. There's a ton of talent that rotted on the bench last year, apparently because they couldn't do monotonous drills exactly the right way. Not to mention guys were waaaaaay too heavy and slow--I've seen it reported that Zach Potter and Barry Turner are both about 30 pounds lighter than they were last year.

This team is going to fly around the field and force turnovers on defense, and we've got an offensive coordinator that builds his offense around his talent, not his ego. It's going to be a fun year, Husker fan.

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I definitely think its going to be a good year. I know its a shock that I'm optimistic about Nebraska fooball. But I finally have that feeling that I used to get when I was in high school when you knew a great coach was getting the team ready for the season. I'm not saying they're going to win 10 games, but I think this team will be in every game it plays with the possible exception of the VA Tech game. And they WILL beat Kansas.
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