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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Breaking News: St Patty's Day Rules in the Grain Belt!

According to one very well-placed, third-hand source, HeavySoul has learned that Coors distributors here in Omaha will begin selling Grain Belt Premium in River City on Monday, March 17th. This happens to be St. Patrick's Day, which will apparently be extra special this year.

Despite no ties, whatsoever, between Grain Belt and the holiday, the normally overrated St. Patty's Day festivities will finally be cause for celebration. Previously, the Twin Cities-brewed Grain Belt had been limited to outposts such as Sioux Falls, SD; Marshalltown, IA; and, of course, The Metrodome.

Drinkers not familiar with "Premies" should get acquanted. First, read this excellent history of the Grain Belt brewing tradition here.

Second, one should attempt to familiarize yourself with the beer. Buy a 2-4 of "Premies" and enjoy. I find that these beers are delicious afternoon beers, or also to eat with a bunch of chicken wings or BBQ. Personally, I do not feel that they will replace Coors Light as my steady drinker, but they will probably be the 2nd or 3rd star on Orion's Belt for me.

Third, help me convince Barrett's Barleycorn to carry them from now on.

Fourth, I would assume they will always be sold out West of 168th and South of Q. Just trust me on this one.

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Thank God I live at 165/Q
What a great day for Omaha. You guys just have to trust us on this one.

This is some of the best beer around, and unlike Pete, it might become my go-to beer if the usual stomping grounds carry it (I'm looking at you, Homy Inn and Barretts).

If anything, at least go to your nearest Hy-Vee and pick up a "twofer" (how Canadians refer to as a case of beer, although this beer is not Canadian in any way, it is just funny) and support the product. You'll be happy you did.
Oh, and The Hold Steady sing about Grain Belt, and specifically sing about the sign in Pete's post on one of their songs.

So there's some, you know, indie cred. You can feel like a hipster for drinking it.

Me? I'll be drinking that buttery-smooth beer because I'm a flavor man.
Am I to understand that other beers are fuck-all? Maybe I'll finally be a hipster!!!
This whole thread has devolved into fuck-all (another great Canuck term).

If you like the fucking beer, then drink it. If you don't, then stick with your beer.

Jesus. It's so fucking ridiculous to have your life revolve on what is and isn't cool. Who gives a fuck?

If you need a fucking band to tell you what beer to drink (which I know this is not at all what you are implying, GA, you are a Grain Belt OG), even one as great as The Hold Steady, then you are a fucking moron.

If you won't drink a beer because some stereotype presumably drinks it, you are also a fucking moron.

We're all in our mid to late 20s. When did it become middle school again?
I just wanted to use the term fuck-all. I really could care less how I used it. If I really cared what people thought about me I would have lost that bet in 1994. I mean remember what a goofy fuck I was! Judgement for me.
My rant was really just an excuse to say fuck a lot. No hard feelings.
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