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Monday, March 10, 2008

Heavy Soul Opening Day 2008: It's T-ShirTABular!

Small update for you...for the first time, we will actually have t-shirts for an event! And not only will we have t-shirts, but we will have some kick ass t-shirts. HUGE ups to JimStock and B over at Exit 177 for helping us design these. They are exactly what we were hoping for, and are really happy with the outcome here.

So far, we obviously have shirt designs for Cub, Twins, and Royals fans. Because we are assuming Napa is coming, we'll have a White Sox shirt made up.

What we need from you, dear reader, is the following if interested:

-Desired Team
-Desired Size

We're not sure what the price on these shirts will be, but it should be minimal (talking under $15).

Details will continue to follow, but make sure to comment on this post if you want a shirt!

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I'll take a medium and you know the team. That design gives me a massive erection
Oakland please. XL.
Booked my flight tonight.

I'll take a medium for the south siders.

(I guess the Cubs might be playing some home games at the Cell, so I should clarify -- the original south siders)
If these shirts are 100% cotton, I'll take an XL - Royals - Please - Thanks.
What the deuce are you talking about "the Cubs might be playing some home games at the Cell?"
Twins. L. These are fantastic, by the way.
I will take a Large in the Cubbies please.

The Forgotten Hales
I'll take an XL defending world champions.
Potential reconstruction of Wrigley Field might force the Cubs to play home games somewhere else, with the Cell at the top of the short list.

If these shirts are 100% cotton, I'll take an XL - Royals
One Large Houston.
There is no circumstance I can possibly imagine where we would make a Houston shirt.
How embarrassing is it if I ask for a small/medium? I'll guess pretty embarrassing.

Oh, and how embarrassing is it if I ask for a Royals shirt? I'll guess somewhat less embarrassing but might be wrong.
I'll change mine to a Cubs shirt if you can place "100 year's of Sucking" on it somewhere.
Hey, you know that part where I said it would be under $15?

Yeah, I think I was pretty high when I typed that.

More details to follow....
Well count me in for a medium cubbies shirt no matter what the price.
I'll be in for an XL Cubbies...as if it was a question. I thought $15 sounded like a hell of a deal. Not that I care either way.
Medium Cubs for me.

Thanks for organizing this...
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