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Sunday, March 16, 2008

HeavySoul March Madness--The Pool

While I was watching the Selection Show today, in between wanting to stab Billy Packer and continuing my three year quest to figure out just who the hell Seth Davis is and where he came from (my current theory: he is the love-child of Dr. Tom Davis and Geena Davis, and a University of Maryland-Baltimore County alum), it dawned on me that I do not as of now have even one pool to participate in. This saddens me.

Therefore, I decided to start my own. Below are the details to The Official Heavy Soul March Madness NCAA Tournament Pool, brought to you by Grain Belt, Barrett's Barleycorn, and Roger's Fine Foods of North Platte, NE.

Who: anyone reader or poster who wants to participate

What: The Offical Heavy Soul March Madness NCAA Tournament Pool, brought to you by Grain Belt, Barrett's Barleycorn, and Roger's Fine Foods of North Platte, NE.

How: We are going to CBS Sportsline, GA and a few others, I emailed you the link. I'm horrible with email addresses so leave one in the comments and I will make damn sure we will get you the link sent out. GA, I know you have most of these as well, so we will make sure we get you an invite by Monday night at the latest. The site is set up, I just need to get the invites out. That's where the email addresses come in.

Cost: $5 or $10 entry fee? Vote in the comments and most votes will win. Prize pool will be announced on the blog at a later date based on number of participants. I will collect whenever, but have your money to me by Opening Day of Baseball at Barrett's at the latest. That will actually be a great time to collect.

When: You can turn brackets in anytime before Thursday at 11AM CST, but keep in mind you will be missing the play in game on Tuesday night so there is a bonus for early entries.

Any questions, let me know. Again, I will be sending invites tomorrow.

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Awesome. I say $10.
Oh, and the sponsors kick ass. How'd you get them on board?
I'm in for $10

Let me know how to enter. I can do a ten spot.

JoeMerchant24 (at) g(ee)mail(dot)com

Damn e-mail robots....
Okay, a couple of things:

1. The official homepage of the tourney is this:


That will take you directly to the site.

2. Once invites are sent, I believe you have to register for a CBS Sportsline account but that takes like 3 minutes.

3. The Play-in Game will not count for anything so you can register until Thursday with no penalty.

4. So far I have sent invites to Delusional, Napa, GA, and Joe, in addition to some non HeavySoulers. If you post on this blog and are not on the list, I still need those emails.

5. Wild Bill's Beef Jerky has signed up for sponsorship as well. The winner will receive $5 of Wild Bill's jerky courtesy of Wild Bill's Beef Jerky. The best jerky in the world, available wherever fine dehyrdated, non-packaged jerky products are sold. Wild Bill's!
Holy shit, the pot just got so much sweeter with the addition of Wild Bill's. Maybe that addition will bring in some participating retailers of Wild Bill's such as Starting Gate Liquors.
Wild Bill's is indeed a great addition, unless you're talking about the maple flavor.

If that's the case, I'm out.

This would be pool #6 for me...let's make it $50
Sambuca and EZT, you have been sent the invite. Hales brothers? The Deuce? Gage?

This comment was brought to you by Barrett's Barleycorn, 4322 Leavenworth Street.
...and Grain Belt Premium: America's Party Beer!
Negative. I need that invite.

Sorry about the late reply. Didn't have internet for a couple of days. I'm down for $10 or EZT's $50. Nothing in between.
^^Wow, you start interviewing for jobs, and you're suddenly made of money--eh, Deucey?

(Just jokes, my friend. We're all happy your interviews are going well.)
Sign us up:


We are sponsored by the Sunday afternoon couch community.
Jim and Doug,

Your invites are in the (e)mail.

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