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Friday, March 14, 2008

Maybe The Internets Aren't As Smart As We Think

I was reading this article on Fox Sports.com about Michael Beasley being this "unselfish team player" (verdict: I don't buy it. The guy is douchey, and it is appropriate that he went to Kansas State), but then noticed this ad towards the bottom of the page:

We (and a lot of other people) go on and on about how we can't figure out how ESPN is so popular, so big, so powerful...well, when your closest competition sells YOUR GEAR in THEIR STORE, I suppose it's not too surprising after all, now is it?

Sweet jumpin' Jehovah, Fox Sports! That's like adidas selling Nike gear in their on-line store! "Not interested in our new Ryan Howard line? Well, that's not too surprising. How about some Jordan Brand Derek Jeters?"

LOL @ Fox Sports. Idiots. Then again, I guess I would rather have a t-shirt with Lee Corso on it than one with one of those stupid robots that jump up and down when Fox comes back from commercial. And with that realization--and the subsequent vomit in my mouth--comes another:

I think the terrorists have, indeed, won.

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Unless it's a shirt with the robotic turkey on it. That turkey is awesome.
Goddamn it. I do find the robotic turkey to be a huge guilty pleasure. Rats.

I don't know if it's worse to like the robotic turkey, or Juno. Can we get a ruling here?

Pete via the Treo
I am going to go with the robot turkey because football = having a penis. Juno, though enjoyable, screams finding your inner female which = not having a penis.

Now I feel I should cut down a tree or something along that line.
I'm going with Juno, because it is funny. The Robot Turkey is not funny. Nor is it cute, nor is it having anything to do with a football broadcast.

It is just like everything else Fox Sports does: annoying.

(Between this comment and my CWS post, I feel like a cranky old man. "In my day, we didn't have fancy computer graphics...they'd just show a turkey on the television set and we'd like it!"
Juno's not even that funny. At least the robot turkey is part of a football broadcast.
How on earth can you say "Juno's not even that funny?"

That movie was hilarious--there were genuine tear-inducing moments in it.

It seems like people are hating on it because it became popular.
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