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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Update: Sports Gods Not Remotely Worried About Kentucky

Yes, I know this is probably a shocker to most of you. But it's true: God doesn't care much about a basketball program, even if it is the program that He made in his image.

As I am sure many of you have seen, a tornado--TORNADO!--ripped through downtown Atlanta. And because of this, Kentucky's second round game against Georgia has been moved to 11am tomorrow morning.

The kicker of it is, however, that a TORNADO in Atlanta isn't going to fuck with CBS' 60 Minutes broadcast that is watched by roughly 1/4 of the people that watch the NCAA Tournament Selection Show.

So as it is, Kentucky and Georgia play at 11 tomorrow morning at Georgia Tech's arena (which holds less than 10,000 people--they don't have enough room for the media there to cover the tourney, let alone the 20,000 (as reported by ESPN) Kentucky fans alone that are in Atlanta), then the winner plays Mississippi State tomorrow night.

Either way, Kentucky and Georgia are screwed. I would argue Kentucky is more screwed: the advantage of UK earning the #2 seed in the SEC and the first-round bye have gone bye-bye, because the advantage of UK playing a Georgia team who played an emotional overtime game the night before is gone. And then the winner is screwed against MSU, because obviously a major college conference team playing two games in the same day probably hasn't happened in the past 30 years.

Frustrating stuff all around. It is incredible to me that the City of Atlanta and the SEC don't have contingency plans in place for Wrath-of-God weather coming down during their tournament--I mean really, when is the last time a basketball game has been called due to weather?--but how can this be excusable? What happens to the roughly 15-20,000 people who bought tickets who aren't going to be able to get into the games? How do they pick who gets in (check that, it's called money)? How do you rectify UK/UGA having to play two games in one day?

What a mess. Hopefully UK takes care of business and beats UGA and they are without a doubt in the NCAA's and all of this doesn't matter. However, after seeing the truly masterful coaching job Coach Billy Clyde has done makes me pretty pissed off that he's not going to get an honest opportunity to win the SEC Tournament.

I guess the moral to the story is that if you want a situation completely messed up, leave it up to city planners and the NCAA.

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The NCAA should make the selection show on Monday instead of Sunday.

But they wont do that because of the advertisers ... So once again in this bass ackwards country we see that its not the game that matters but the commercials.

Corporate America sucks like a hoover.
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