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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

As a follow-up to yesterday...

...I present you with Mindy McCready's Wikipedia page. I had heard a few things about her in the news over the last couple of years, but I didn't realize what exactly the depths of her troubles were.

Not exactly a take home to mom type, boys.

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You know what? This is a classic call for help by a not-so-young girl. And you know what else? I'm in. I'm McReady for Mindy McCready.

Don't think that you didn't diddle some 15 year old girls when it was age appropriate to do so. Sophomore year of high school? If you got invited to watch a movie in a girl's basement, you were on the super highway to Awesometown.

Now picking up that same girl at our age today is a bad idea. Especially if I'm a Cy Young Award winning pitcher. At a karaoke bar. And also married with kids.

However, if my arithmetic serves me correctly, our lovely Mindy was 15 in 1990. Tone Loc's, Wild Thing was still fresh in our minds. To Catch a Predator had yet to be filmed. 'Tudes were different, dudes. Casual sex with a 15 year old at a karaoke bar when you happened to be married celebrity with children wasn't such a bad thing. Ask Woody Allen. My point is, if you were Texas born and bred, Roger Clemens and a Southern Paris Hilton precursor wanted to use your dong as a karaoke mic, would you let her? Me neither.

pete via the treo (c) pete
Well, this went to a weird place quickly.

That is an impressive list of sucking at life though. Who knew country singers were so rock and roll?
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