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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So someone in class pointed this website out to me last night--it's called CentSports. Basically, it is a gambling site, but it is totally legal. It's legal because you don't pay any money to join it. All you do is sign up and they give you $0.10 to play with.

You build that amount up and you can win stuff like shirts and hats, but you can also be paid out real money. Once you hit $20.00, you can get a check. All the money for this site comes from ad revenue (in fact, after you place a bet, if you click on the sponsored ad, it will accelerate your bet. For example, I bet $0.01 on the D-Backs beating the Giants last night. But because I clicked on the ad, I got a 50% accelerator and actually won $0.015 on the bet).

I don't know, it's an interesting site, and perfect for someone like me that likes gambling, but is too big of a pussy to actually put money on it. Check it out.

(P.S. The Cubs rule.)

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