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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Credit where credit's due

I am pleased to announce how dead-assed wrong I was about the NU baseball team this year. The boys have rocketed to a 24-4-1 start, so impressive that the Iowa Hawkeyes canceled their game yesterday to avoid the kind of beatings the 'Skers have been racking up.

Before the season I predicted that Coach A's boys would make the NCAA tournament as a 3 seed at best and miss the tourney at worst. Although there is a ton of baseball to be played, if the tourney started today they would (most likely) be a national seed. Wow. This is like walking into a Kabredlo's expecting Jack's Links beef jerky and walking out with a few sticks of Wild Bill's. Unimaginable, right? Umm...right?

(bad times)

Anyway, before we get into the nuts and bolts of why the Huskers are dominating this year, let's first talk about Spitz sunflower seeds. To the Spitz company: fuck you. These seeds are garbage. I picked some up at a QT because that's all they carry for some damn reason, and I must have gotten the Cascade or Dawn flavour, because they tasted like soap at first, then didn't taste like anything. Jesus. I know better now. Although I do feel bad about this, because their website is really earnest and they appear to be nice people. Sorry about your shitty product, nice people.

Here are acceptable seed brands:

1. Herman's Nut House (biggest seeds, locally operated, no gimmicks)

2. Giants seeds (the official seed of the Minnesota Twins)

3. Jim Beam (for obvious reasons)

4. David (becuase sometimes the above brands can be scarce, and these are better than Fisher or Frito Lay)

Anyway, back to baseball. Here are the keys to the Husker season as I see it:

1. Johnny Dorn has been a guaranteed win on Fridays. I didn't see his resurgence coming. Thank god HGH is in good supply in Grand Island due to the horse industry.

2. Nick Sullivan and the Two Jakes have anchored a solid, unspectacular lineup.

3. Thad Weber's knuckle curve and mind-numbing accuracy. Plus he's from Friend, NE.

4. Solid defense, for the most part. With the exception of the Sunday game in Austin.

While there is still a ton of baseball to be played, this team would have to really fuck up to not host a regional. Congrats to the team and Coach A for having a kick ass first half, and let's go get em the rest of the way!

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This team has just been a thrill to watch this year, you omaha boys really need to make it down to a series. First of all, i need to give credit where credit is due to Mike Anderson...i was a big critic of his but he has really pushed the right buttons this year.

This team is living off of starting pitching right now....so good that it's allowed us to move Dan Jennings to the pen and than dominate a mid-week game. Jennings would be a friday started for almost any other team in the conference not named Mizzou (although i have a sneaky suspicion that he is starting on Sunday and Pribanic is moving to the pen). Dorn and Weber have been outstanding and this team will go as far as they can take them.

BUTTTTTTTTTTTT....I'm encouraging everyone to temper their enthusiasm with this team, we have holes.

First of all this team is only hitting about .280 as team, that rarely gets it done in college baseball, we make up for that a little bit with a really good on base %, but come postseason play the bats had better be hot. Opitz, Abeita, Corriston, and Sullivan are doing well in the middle of the order right now, but DJ Belfonte had better get out of his funk in a hurry. His BA has dropped about 200 points over the last month, he's still the best offensive player on this team and he has to be the catalyst in the lead off spot,m without him we are a way below avg. offensive group.

The other hole is the pen....Zach Herr has been solid but we need Anderson and Nesseth to become lock down guys, if that happens this staff has a chance to go down as the best group NU has ever had...but right now (especially if Jennings moves back to the rotation) we just don't have lock down 8th and 9th innining type closers....that needs to develop if they want to make a run to Omaha.
Spitz does happen to be Canadian. Stick to thermal underwear and sap collection, America's-hat.
I like it and I think you make a good point. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us.
I have tried them all & Spitz are by far the best. They don't have too much salt that leaves your mouth raw, they are large most of the time, & one of the best things I like about them in the resealable bag. I have not heard anyone talk about this but to me this is great.

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