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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A. Peterson, Draft Guru

Unless you are a member of the Kiper Jr. family, and if you are, congratulations for having genetically fantastic hair, you probably do not have a draft guru in your family.

Unless you are a member of the Peterson family, in which case you have worker, writer, and NFL addict A. Peterson, who will spend hours discussing any facet of NFL football without prompting and in most cases to the enlightenment of all.

For A., the draft is like a combination of Kwanzaa and Arbor Day, only with football. Check out parts I and II over at his friend Carlin's blog The Realness Hurts. Approximately a 4,000 word read with one part left to go. It's a great read, and we are linking to it here in exchange for his comprehensive analysis of the Cleveland Browns strategy over the last year.

Also, Pete's NFL picks will run on Thursday with its NFL Draft preview.

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Man, this link has produced many, many hits. Thanks.
I read your post with great interest. As you know, I am generally on the other side of you on the issue of Iraq but I respect and find your position very interesting.
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