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Monday, May 05, 2008

The four car pile up on Broadway Ave. Council Bluffs

Saturday night was good times, but in the immortal words of Lou Brown, "Nice catch Hayes, never fucking do it again." We can never do that ever, ever again. I've had quiet reflection for over two days now.

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Stupid 3-Card Poker.

That said, while it has been a rough go of it the past couple of days, it was a fantastic time.

Thanks to OC and Hales for setting it up, and thanks to Pete for the occasion.

Mrs. Hill also thanks you guys for officially hooking me on golf, horse racing, and roulette. I think she's genuinely impressed that I gained three new addictions that are both time-consuming and expensive in over the course of just 20 hours.

That said, when the divorce papers come through, I'm staying with one of you assholes....all I need is a couch and somewhere to put 2,000 t-shirts and many more thousands CD's and magazines (and hard-cover books--that one's for npgage).
As for the thousands of CD's and Magazines part of that comment...He's NOT lying.
speaking of Horse Racing...live racing starts in Lincoln at State Fair Park this weekend. If any of you omahan's ever want to make the trek down let me know, i go at least once a week.
I really didn't need much quiet reflection. Despite my ill-timed, chew-induced vom episode, I felt like the party went pretty smooth.

Thanks to all who attended and bought me drinks, greatly appreciated and I look forward to doing it again for The Deuce in a few months.
speaking of The Deuce's...do we have any tenative dates/locations for that spectacle???
^We're tossing around the idea of going to a Wisconsin football game.

If a weekend in Madison, WI doesn't lead to a lot of quiet reflection, I don't know what will.
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