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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Interesting Experience in Denver...

So I spent a few nights in Denver over the weekend, I was pumped to find cheap rates at the Regency Hyatt, only to find out the reason it was so cheap was because of a big Conference going on. Our first interaction happens on the elevator after checking in, on the way up to our room, the elevator stops on the conference level, where several interesting characters board:

Me: "Is there a conference going on this weekend?"
Man wearing dog collar: "Yes, there's actually two of them going on. One of them is a Lutheran conference."

Me: "What is the conference you're attending?"
Collar Boy: "We're at the Rocky Mountain FurCon Convention?"

Me: "What's that?"
Chewbacca: "Well, it's kind of an art thing."

Interesting encounter. His lanyard looked to have dragons or something on it, so I figured it was maybe a big D&D meeting, or something exciting like that.

Our Second interaction comes just minutes later, at the lobby bar, which is at the base of the escalators going up to the convention center, which is basically prime real estate for people watching. We're minding our own, when all of the sudden it became Halloween, and we're talking two full grown humans dressed as animals.

So we call over the waitor to ask what's going on, and he basically says: "I'm not supposed to make fun, go look it up on the internet: 'FurCon.'"
Me: "Do you watch Entourage?"
Waitor: "Yes, that's basically it, go look it up, it's unreal."

So I grab a couple of the animals for a quick photo. As time goes on over the weekend, more and more interesting things happen. People wearing tails, paws, masks, anything associated with animals, it was wild. It culminated with my buddy and I trying to take a first hand look at the conference (which we were quickly shown the door from), not before we witnessed a few werewolfs, a techno dance floor with 4 guys dancing, and a room where 10 people were playing some animal fighting game on XBox. Good times.

I was so excited to google this and get the scoop, but apparently "furcon" isn't google searchable because it looks to much like a virus...stupid google
Get. The fuck. Out of here.

This is incredible. And I LOOOOVE the pix.

Hilarious. And I love it even more because sambuca is probably the only guy we know that would A) Try to get into the convention, and B) Successfully get a picture with these people.
You gotta love the furries.

This thing is bigger than you think. In addition to Entourage, they have also been featured on an MTV True Life, I believe.
And CSI no less. It involved these people have crazy furry animal sex orgies
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