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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Omaha: Kickin' Everybody's Asses Since 2008 (except for Houston and Raleigh, that is)

Kiplinger just came out with their annual "Best Cities To Live, Work, and Play" issue, and guess who's dominating fools?

Don't pigeonhole Omaha as insurance, Warren Buffett and mail-order steaks. This one-time Great Plains pioneer town has a stereotype-busting cultural scene. Walk through north downtown and discover the indie-rock club Slowdown next to Film Streams, a cinema art house. In Old Market, red-brick roads run past open-air restaurants, galleries and chic boutiques.

They rank Omaha ("Paradise on the Plains") as the #3 city in the United States to live in, behind Houston ("The Comeback Kid") and Raleigh, NC ("Work In Progress").

Pretty cool stuff. And for the record, I don't think this happens without an influx of Heavy Soulers moving here over the past few years. Not a coincidence.

By the way, this post is looking at you, contributors and readers who don't live in Omaha! Get your asses over here!

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No offense to Omaha, the gem of Indian country, but any list that has 2 cities in Texas, the worst city in Colorado- the Springs, and Sac-Town- a place where not even squares can have a ball- is a touch jaded. Boise, ironically, I agree with.
I know, I was trying to ignore Houston being #1 completely. Pretty hard to, though. That city sucks.
Austin is a little slice of heaven, but how Des Moines got on this list baffles me.
Wonderful Writing style. I like your thoughts.
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