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Thursday, May 15, 2008

So bad.

The Cubs signing Jim Edmonds is bad on so many levels. Below are two e-mails I put together today related to our new boy in blue.

The first details an office pool I started this morning and the second provides a brief review of his at bats today.


The start to the Jim Edmonds era. Which leads us to the:

Jim Edmonds Death Pool

I think you all realize that Jim Edmonds is not good at baseball, is a d-bag, is over the hill, and has very limited upside to go with his tremendous downside. Therefore, you are receiving this note to solicit interest compete in the pool described below. Let me know if you are in or out.
There will be eight players who receive one of the following periods via random drawing:
1. June 1 - 15
2. June 16-30
3. July 1 - 15
4. July 16 - 31
5. August 1 -15
6. August 16-31
7. Sept 1 - 15
8. Sept 16 - 30
If Jim Edmonds is released by the Cubs during your time period, the other 7 players will each pay you $20
If Jim Edmonds is placed on the 15-day DL by the Cubs during your time period, the other 7 players will each pay you $5
If Jim Edmonds is placed on the 60-day DL by the Cubs during your time period, the other 7 players will each pay you $10
If Jim Edmonds is traded by the Cubs during your time period, the other 7 players will each pay you $5
There is not an entry for the May 15 - 31 period because if something happens to him in the next two weeks, we are all winners.
The date of the transaction is the day he is pulled from the 25-man roster.


Below is a highlight of the at-bats today and the drawing for the pool. I didn't watch the game, but did read the play by play.
2nd inning - Single to right with two outs, bases empty - It should be noted that Aramis Ramirez was thrown out trying to score on a wild pitch during this at bad. Clearly he assumed Edmonds sucked and would not be able to bat him in.
4th inning - 1 out, runners at 1st and 2nd - Grounds into Double Play
5th inning - Bases loaded, 2 outs - It is worth noting here that Fukodome was intentionally walked to face Edmonds. The Padres were trying to set up the all important force with two outs, or just saying suck-it Edmonds, try and beat us. Edmonds flied out.
7th inning - Bases loaded, 1 out - Note - The Padres walked Fukodome (sly intentional walk?) to load the bases and face Edmonds, who promptly struck out.

So....if you're scoring at home, the Padres walked Fukodome twice to load the bases and face Edmonds. This is the guy that is allegegly going to protect Ramirez and allow Fukodome to bat second....um yeah. It is somewhat rare in baseball that a team can expose a weakness so quickly. I commend the Padres for showing their lack of respect for Edmonds.

I was keeping up with game online as well and I threw up in my mouth when he hit that single.

Seriously, this failure as a human being needs to be put out of his and my misery.

It's unfortunate that baseball can't adopt horse racing techniques for this one instance.

Rot in hell Jim Edmonds... that is all.
The Padres should never be commended...ever...for anything. That being said it's easy to scout a player that you released not 5 weeks earlier.
^or one week earlier...

Hales, you're being mean. He's a neat guy. Read the story about the Cubs signing him on www.cubs.com. Everyone refers to him as "Jimmy" and a "Gamer." He's clearly going to do great.

Whoa, wait a minute...I think I just had a seizure. Edmonds can rot in hell.
By the way: I have yet to see statistical evidence that having a over-the-hill "veteran gamer winner" is better than having a guy who:

1. Is young.
2. Is fast as shit.
3. Has some power.
4. Is ++ defensively.
5. Is still in a minor-league contract.

Just because "Jimmy" knows what to do in situations doesn't mean he's going to do it. "Veteran presence" doesn't mean shit if you can't do anything with it. It's just a fucking stupid "old school" mentality signing. And I think Lou had as much to do with this as Hendry, so he's not off the hook.

Sweet Christ, I cannot put into words how mad this signing makes me on every level imaginable. I hate the guy, he sucks, he bumped out a great defensive player off the bench, etc et al etc and others....

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