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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"This is the fattest I have ever been."

Holy Lance Berkman. He has been on a tear that few others have ever matched. Since being moved to clean up, Berkmans bat has led the Astro’s on a 16-6 run including sweeps over the Dodgers, Brewers, Reds, and Padres. Thanks to his recent offensive explosion, Berkman currently leads the Majors in runs, doubles, homeruns, slugging, and OPS. He is second in hits, RBI’s (NL Leader), batting average, and on-base percentage. Plus, he is 6 of 7 on stolen bases. That’s just stupid. It really is. He is literally leading or second in every major offensive stat minus stolen bases and triples. Incredible.

It's amazing how well someone can do after receiving such an upstanding teammate such as Miguel Tejada. Truly amazing.
his numbers are downright absurd. I will give credit here. the astros are better than I thought.

and to think, I'm astounded when I see overweight people out walking the dog...

pete via the treo (c) pete
Nice call, brotha. Nice call.
I love Tejada. Love him. He is already a leader on this team and the best player besides Big Puma. I cannot describe how happy I am that he is an Astro. And he doesn't just do bad things as ESPN would lead you to believe. About 2 weeks ago he promised a homerun to a sick and dying kid AND DELIVERED. But you probably didn't hear about that cause ESPN would rather run "Gotcha" journalism pieces about him lying about his age. This just in...Domincan Players lie about their age. Furcal got MIP'd a couple years back only to have the police find out he was actually 22. And I'm pretty sure he wasn't the only guy using steroids.
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